Make It Count – Practical Tips For This Week

“Be an expert at unfamiliar conversations” – Ps James Murray


This months pro tip is about our conversations.

It’s not the amazing media, great games, or pumping music (not bad stuff btw) that makes people belong, its relationships. 

The cool stuff might make us feel good, but a visitor wants to know if there’s anyone around who cares about them. And that’s where we come in. Here’s a couple of my thoughts on how we can become experts at unfamiliar convos this week…

  1. Eyes Open.
    Scan the room & ask yourself, “is there anyone here that I’ve never met before?” Make it your mission to meet everyone you’ve never met.
  2. Ask Questions.
    Questions are the currency of conversation. Having a convo for the first time is like digging for gold; The more questions you ask, the more likely you are to find things you have in common… that’s gold! (Confession: I’ve never actually gone prospecting before. Don’t judge me if my knowledge of mining precious metals is incorrect)
  3. Step Out.
    It can be a tad awks to talk to a teenager you’ve never met, we’ve all had our fair share of cringe convos like the following…


You: “Do you play any sport?”

Them: “No.”

You: “Do you like movies?”

Them: “No”

You: “Do you have any interests at all?”

Them: …starts texting someone

Sure its awkward, but how great does it feel to be included? And how much more did Jesus give so that YOU would be included? Persevere through the awkwardness, you never know what effect your convo may have on the precious young lives you interact with every week. 

Go for it this week! Meet someone new, ask some questions, turn an outsider into an insider. Bless you, you legendary leader! 


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